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Minor Disturbance

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You speak in cloudbursts

Torrential tongue

Twisting words to suit your weather

I have news for you

The forecast isn’t bleak

The sky isn’t falling though you

May be chicken and I, little

Your drizzle will fizzle

And I can play in the rain



For Kim’s quadrille prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub.

44 words of fun using the word “rain”.

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  1. I love, “the sky isn’t falling through you.”

  2. No the forecast isn’t bleak at all, smiles ~ Go ahead and play in the rain !

  3. You tell him, Mish. I like the chicken little reference, and that you can play in the rain either way! Like, nyah, nyah!

  4. Wonderful! “You speak in cloudbursts / Torrential tongue” is terrific, and the last line is perfect.

  5. Wonderful writing! I love the reference to ‘Chicken Little’.

  6. Nice line: “The sky isn’t falling though you”

  7. Ooh, power poem. Love how you give it to torrential tongued cloudburst speaking word twisters that want to rain on others.

  8. A wonderful cloudburst Quadrille, Mish! I love the alliteration and power of ‘Torrential tongue /
    Twisting words to suit your weather’. My favourite lines:
    ‘Your drizzle will fizzle
    And I can play in the rain’!

  9. Oh the defiance… we need that for all the pessimist… let’s puddle and have fun in the rain

  10. Such a gorgeous cloudburst quadrille, Mish! 💜

  11. Oh, should we see rainbows through the rain and change our perspective!

  12. Ignore the forecasters of doom…go make a splash!

  13. Nice message about inner strength and resilience.

  14. This is wonderful. You tell all of them!

  15. Little & fizzle & drizzle!! Bravo! Just love this!

  16. Wow. A very different take on the prompt, but well done. I like. 🙂

  17. This feels like a perfect human portrayal..I love these lines: ‘Torrential tongue,
    Twisting words to suit your weather’ and the ending section where the speaker insists on not believing in calamity and plays in the rain.

  18. This is FANTASTIC:
    “Torrential tongue”

    And “your drizzle will fizzle.”

  19. Haha, yes. So much drama sometimes! You clearly are ‘playing in the rain’ with this one.

  20. This one is fun. Am wondering if the forecast is metaphorical. Either way, we can always dabble in a drizzle.

  21. Love this forecast! I used a smattering of rain analogy in my offering as well. “You speak in cloudbursts, Torrential tongue, Twisting words to suit your weather”- Yes! Brilliant. Haha, we littles sometimes just have to wait for the “drizzle to fizzle.”😊


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