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In wake of birth, we gather

Arms stretched, propitious

Trusting time

Love…. the cosmos

Writing our own scripts

Naming our own stars

In spite of our goods and grit

Our fate is universal

Collective souls we wander

Time-squandering fools

Tossing moments to the wind



A quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub. Lillian is our host and the prompt is open ALL week!  If you’d like to write a poem of 44 words including the given word “gather”, you are quite welcome to join in.

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  1. Oh…such a good job shifting the focus to a sadder state of things…time squandering fools. So glad you posted!

  2. It’s true, we do treat time as though we have an endless supply of it. I love the lines “Writing our own scripts/Naming our own stars/In spite of our goods and grit/Our fate is universal.” So powerful. And “goods and grit” is just delicious. 🙂

  3. Nice last line. I also like naming our own stars.

  4. “In the wake of birth”…. you never let go of that ‘we are all here together’ feel from that first line; we (humans) are all here together and are all time squandering fools. Maybe we should use that time to work on togetherness.

  5. I feel this! Time, or lack of weighs heavily on us.

  6. Laura Bloomsbury

    “In spite of our goods and grit” – interesting line Mish and still ill-equipped to use the time

  7. This is my favorite part Mish :

    Writing our own scripts

    Naming our own stars

  8. I love this Mish! Amazing how much time we fritter away in this short life!


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