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Where did your light come from?

Did you ever moon gaze under muted skies?

Did nature stir your soul?

I picked a flower for you today and wondered

Watching white floaties sailing into

Dandelion dreams and it seems

We never touched on this




For Open Link Night.  Grace is our host.  It is a pleasure to welcome Sarah Connor to the dVerse team. She was our lovely host for this week’s Poetics , introducing us to the artwork of Fay Collins for inspiration.

Image credit: Fay Collins



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  1. Dandelions and dreams are always a great poetry cocktail. A poet sometimes needs to ask questions?

  2. Love those dandelions dreams 💜 exquisitely penned.

  3. I was floating on those dandelion dreams ~ A wonderful tribute to the artist Mish ~

  4. Good question: “Did nature stir your soul?”

  5. Brilliantly evocative, taking me instantly back to a childhood memory of the blown seeds of dandelion clocks.

  6. Love the dandelion dreams… not yet here, but we are getting close to that. Questions are so good to use in poetry.

  7. “Where did your light come from? / Did you ever moon gaze under muted skies?” Great set up for a poem that asks questions that should, and can, not be answered… if I read you poem correctly.

  8. So gorgeous. Our question just floats along with the wisps in this beautiful poem, content to remain aloft, up in the air, not nailed down, indeed – unanswered and alive. Again, so gorgeous, thank you, 🌻

  9. Thought-provoking, with beautiful sensory details to express it.

  10. This made me think that we must not only stop to smell the flowers literally, but also do so with people, in our interactions with others. Knowing and being known is the greatest gift, I believe.


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