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Chapel of the Holy Cross

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my body immersed in

energy unrecognizable

filling chasms of my soul

tides of tears to remind me

that I am here

did I miss the journey?

I am overcome



Written for dVerse Poetics. Amaya Engleking is our host and she has asked us to consider various questions about holy places. In Sedona, Arizona, I entered this well-visited Catholic chapel built on a mesa. I am not Catholic. I am not overly religious or convinced of spiritual vortexes, but what I experienced there was very spiritual….to me.



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  1. I can certainly feel the same… sometimes I feel that a seed inside can start to germinate in the right light.

  2. “Energy unrecognizable”…sounds like holy spirit at work.

  3. I love “energy unrecognizable” – perfect description of holy energy!

  4. I like the idea of being “overcome” with “energy unrecognizable”.

  5. Your poem really captures the magnificent setting of this chapel in Sedona. I was ambivalent on my visit there, but I sat inside the sanctuary in silence for a while watching the light move across the room and then my poem came to me.

  6. what a beautiful chapel…it looks like it channels energy. (K)

  7. A Holy Spirit connection for sure!

  8. Bless you, Mish, for having been overcome as you were in your holy place. I believe for a person to experience that, unrecognized energy filling the soul, she must have already emptied herself of previous misconceptions and any other superfluous thing. You were ready and willing to receive a gift:) Thank you for your poem.

  9. Holy Sacred Feelings Sprout Gardens
    Words of Meaning and Purpose
    LiGHT oF Synergy Energy
    ForCE ALiVE WiTHiN
    Vibrations and
    oF HuMaN
    LoVE WiTHiN
    SPaRK ReUniTE
    Tree oF LiFE Torch Bonfire
    Fire now
    no longer
    Myth Off Shore For
    Ocean Whole Flicker WiTHiN
    CoMes ReaL Force oF LovE..:)

  10. “Higher Power”, “Lower Power”, “Sideways Power”, people feel things when they expect to. It is the beauty of painting our world with myths — be they patriotism, ethnic nobility, religion, romance, sports or whatever. Spirituality can elevate to — if you expect it to. Our myths make our worlds more interesting — and others know this, and use it. (thank for your comment on my post)

  11. Laura Bloomsbury

    no you did not ‘miss the journey’ – you took the reader on ever step of the way

  12. I have gone into a small Catholic church as well and the power and energy just stumps me ~ I believe it ~

  13. I live in Arizona and this is one place I go when we are in Sedona. Lovely tribute!


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