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I have twinkled all day long

Tales of stars and toddler songs

Nurturing in many ways

Setting neuron paths ablaze


How I wonder if they’ll see

The ocean, sky and maple trees

Swiping, clicking from afar

Before they wonder who they are


Diamonds they are in my hands

I will show them earth and sand

Up above their world so high

I will give them wings to fly




Sharing this with you and dVerse Poet’s Pub for Frank’s Meeting the Bar prompt, “Tanaga”. 

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  1. This is so joyful… toddlers are so we just to give them everything… but I guess if we give them wings they might fly away.

  2. kaykuala

    Brilliant fusion from the given nursery rhyme, Mish


  3. A far greater answer than the twinkling tar. Show them life and beyond

  4. A beautiful view of a more natural education 🙂

  5. Very nice sound. I like it better than the original “twinkle, twinkle”.

  6. Yes. Nicely done with a good message.

  7. Love this tribute, Mish! And you are so right about the stars and the songs, twinkling and nurturing just the same.

  8. I love this different take on that age-old Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
    These words though,
    “How I wonder if they’ll see
    The ocean, sky and maple trees
    Swiping, clicking from afar”
    make me think of all the little ones growing up these days with “devices”, tablets, games on iphones passed to them by their parents, etc….will their heads be buried too much in those devices, their fingers swiping and clicking on them, that they don’t take time to look up and wish upon a star? Oh yes indeed….let us all keep teaching those sweet rhymes, songs, games, and keep them with their feet firm on ground and their minds occupied by human conversations and dreams 🙂


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