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the murmur of an ice cold heart

beats to the rhythm of decay

dehydrated dreams die

withered in February’s wind

tears will never nourish




For Frank Hubeny’s “Meeting the Bar” prompt. The theme is brevity, specifically to write a poem with no more than 5 lines.  There’s still time to join in over at dVerse Poets Pub.

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  1. Powerful, especially in light of Wednesday’s happenings.

  2. I love the dehydrated dreams that die in spite of tears.

  3. Good description of the consequences of an ice cold heart. Interesting idea in the last line of tears potentially nourishing under better circumstances.

    • Thank you, Frank. I was thinking of how many tears are shed after such tragedies and wishing they could nourish these innocent souls back to life. If only it was that easy.

  4. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Succinct and expressive.

  5. That ice-cold heart causes so much misery

  6. Laura Bloomsbury

    such dry cold in these lines Mish- seasonally apt and up to the moment of murderous happenings

  7. Yes. The dried-up dreams and the roses that will never bloom. Poignant images. I can see why you could not choose a title.

  8. I feel coldness personified here.

  9. Thank you for that comment, Imelda. I think that coldness as well as grief are so powerful… sometimes they become entities of their own.


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