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  Oh Luna, you light monger

  Peddling your parables

  Poeming me pretty words

  Hobnobbing with the clouds

  As I am left sleepless

  Tossed and tangled

  Between lucid thoughts

  And muddled dreams

  You’re so astronomical

  But I find you comical

  Spinning your tales in the stars



It’s time to Q44 at dVerse Poets Pub. Victoria is our lovely host. Join us with your own quadrille, a poem with exactly 44 words, not including the title. It must include the given word or a form of it and this week the word is “poem”.


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  1. Oh, don’t remind me. The moon plays havoc with my sleep, too. Well written in the 2nd person.

  2. You’ve found the absolute pitch perfect cadence. Really nicely done!

  3. I love this. I like ‘light monger’. ❤

  4. Love your last line…. spinning your tales in the stars!

  5. I like the idea that the moon spins tales and parables that keep us up at night.

  6. Yes, agree with others that “light monger” is a clever turn of phrase. Nicely done.

  7. Oh I love this! Especially; “Peddling your parables”.. is wonderfully potent!💞

  8. Luna, the good friend of the sleepless. No night is lonely.

  9. Luna is a perfect light monger… I hope to sleep well.. tomorrow it is full moon again.

  10. Luna always puts me in a funk for a few days, I am hoping for a nice view tomorrow night.

  11. Beverly Crawford

    This totally captured me. It has a rhythm that just carries one along. Bravo

  12. “light monger” – that is brilliant 😉 I love this other side of the moon


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