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we toil in toxic soil

planting intentions,

nurturing our contemplated

marinated seedlings of hope

and it feels righteous

downright righteous

is this not the path to peace?

when hope dies in the eyes of

the oppressed and forgotten

how many prayers are enough

for the darkness to fade,

for light to be cascaded

over hate so barbaric?

oh but we sing and we say

we are the world

We are compassionate

you…and me

aren’t we?

we must step off of our

overturned garden crates

weed out our own fears

and act


Amaya Cranston Engleking has joined our team over at dVerse.  Her poetic prompt for us today is to “write an epigraph poem (not an official form) in which a quote about global peace, social justice, or human rights is embedded”.  I chose the following quote…..

It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.”- His Holiness The Dalai Lama


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  1. This is such an excellent expansion to the words of Dalai Lama.. we really need to act and move out of our comfort zones.

  2. Wow, Mish! This really says it like it is. Another poem packed with mening from you.

  3. I love the internal rhyme in ‘we toil in toxic soil’, the chained rhyme in ‘contemplated
    marinated’, the repetition of ‘righteous’ and the echo in ‘fade’ and ‘cascaded’- so effective in conveying the message, Mish.

  4. Very impressive work, and a brilliant poem also.

  5. Ah, Mish, I like this a lot. It’s easy to feel “good” in your own garden, but you are right, we must do good in the world. It works as a poem, too, not sentimental at all.

  6. Great quote and great poetic expansion on the theme.

  7. Oh, Mish. I love this bit, especially:
    how many prayers are enough

    for the darkness to fade,

    for light to be cascaded

  8. A powerful write and a superb rallying call for action. So well done.
    Anna :o]

  9. It is good to carry compassion into action.

  10. Your conviction here is one not easy to hear, but we must, regardless. The image of cascading light over barbaric hate definitely illustrates the kind of vague panacea we all hope will happen by our good intentions, but we don’t know how to make happen by our own actions. Maybe obedience would be a place to start, for however many intentions we plant, there are likely an equal number of excuses too.

  11. A really great poem. You incorporated it very well!

  12. Well done! Let us “act!”

  13. Excellent quote and poem around it.

  14. I love that quote and your expansion of it…those last few lines are zingers.

  15. I love the message contained in the quote whic you portrayed so well.


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