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The Fall

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Illuminate me

Chloro- fill my veins

Colour me in carotene

Kisses and sugar sap

Decorate my heart

With strands of starlight

Let me sail

Over moonlight memories

Pinstripe my path

In strokes of midnight

Before I surrender to the fall

Sun-shine my soul



Today I am hosting Poetics for dVerse Poets Pub and I am excited to share the photography of Sharon Knight at for our poetic muse! You are welcome to join in at 3 p.m EST. 



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  1. It’s a juicy prayer. One in sensuous love with the rest of creation.

  2. I like the chloro-fill my veins, color me in carotene. That’s such descriptive language play.

  3. Nice last two lines. I can imagine a leaf thinking something like that.

  4. I love that image of the moon pin-striping your path!

  5. So many unique descriptions in this, Mish. I am so very grateful that you introduced us to Sharon. Her work is so inspiring.

  6. Oh, lovely word play, Mish. You capture the beauty of the Fall, and the fragility.

  7. Love the play of colors here… the images are sure a real treat.

  8. Full of light and word play, Mish! I love those final lines:
    ‘Before I surrender to the fall
    Sun-shine my soul’.

  9. Word play and light play! What a sensuous list of requests 🙂

  10. You really nailed this one. Takes the photo to a whole new level!!

  11. Laura Bloomsbury

    lovely prayer from a most poetic leaf – “Pinstripe my path

    In strokes of midnight” – perfect!

  12. Oh, all the silent pleas of a withering leaf! Beautiful!

  13. Well this is nothing but lovely.

    –coal (Fireblossom)

  14. Love this, Mish, especially “pinstripe my path”.

  15. kaykuala

    Before I surrender to the fall
    Sun-shine my soul

    A lot can be done if one can preempt good things in life to make them happen


  16. Autumn meditations…complements the photo well. (K)


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