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Another year beckons

Coups and calamities

Landmarks unknown

Patches of prediction

Stepping, stumbling

Your ragged heart fumbling

As history hangs in the fog


Let these mosaic moments

Melt in your mouth

Roll off your tongue,

Roll off your soul

Leap forward

                               With eyes closed


 ~Lake Huron, Ontario




Feel free to join us at dVerse for our first Quadrille prompt of 2018.

What is a quadrille?

It’s simply a poem of exactly 44 words, no more, no less, excluding the title. It must include the given word. Grace has chosen the word “leap”. The form is your choice.


Happy reading and writing for 2018!

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24 responses »

  1. Great poem and a great picture.

  2. I liked this line, both sound and sense: “As history hangs in the fog”

  3. You’ve captured the feeling of uncertainty in this Quadrille, Mish, especially in the lines:
    ‘Your ragged heart fumbling
    As history hangs in the fog’
    ‘Leap forward

    With eyes closed’.

  4. I love that mosaic… I almost feel that thrill to jump between those pieces of ice… so dangerous, yet an adventure of going into a new year.

  5. I particularly like those “mosaic moments”. This pretty well sums up life.

  6. I really like the image of the mosaic moments. And often all we can do is leap with eyes closed. Though if I can I prefer to have them open for the illusion of being prepared

  7. Its been a foggy cold morning here Mish ~ While we certainly don’t know what’s coming, we can be brave and face whatever challenges may come. Leap forward – love the positive energy!

  8. A lot of great lines make this poem memorable, and I especially liked the rhythm.

  9. Even if our eyes were open we’d be leaping into the unknown. Great poem.

  10. yes, leap forward, eyes closed, eyes open, full speed.

  11. The tightness of your form reflects the response of the unknown. Bright write!

  12. I need to think we can leave some things behind and choose to live in the now. The second stanza–those mosaic moments–full of promise.

  13. It’s going to be hard and bitter cold but leaping forward even if we have to close our eyes – will be worth it 💗

  14. Loved ‘history hangs in a fog’. So does the future for that matter. And where I am, the mist has only now receded.

  15. I can see this inspired quite a few of us with that ‘here we go again’ leap of faith! The second stanza turns all that uncertainty into chocolate or something equally tempting.

  16. Lovely photo… not sure about closing my eyes…. smiles

  17. Ooh, this wintry imagery is just so good. Like tasting fresh snow as a child. I used to try to understand every moment, find patterns and sequences, predict my life and what it all means. But it’s better and far more savory to let them all melt together and taste with faith for aperitif.

  18. This has a ‘let’s take the plunge’ kind of feeling. Happy New Year, Mish!

  19. You’ve captured the time of year and current events so atmospherically. I agree with all the comments above!

  20. Like entering the new year with a sweet kiss!

  21. I love your photograph Michelle, the fog and ice mosaic create a very meditative feel and this is reflected beautifully in your poem too 💜

  22. “History hangs in the fog.” Is that why we’re having trouble seeing it clearly and learning from it? Great write for the new year.

  23. SMiLes For
    Birds do
    not see
    Human EarS oR
    eYes TheY LeaP
    tHey Fly tHey LiVE FReED..:)


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