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Strangest day it was

The past peepin’ roun’ corners

Portals open saysme

Or not… maybe

Do I ever close ’em

Let shadows lurketh


And biggest bizarrest day

Past peepin’roun corners

I n’me up

Making my head messin’

Me guessin’ whatsup

Somethin just not right



Wait! Lemme ‘splain it. It’s the most terriblest, worstest grammar ever!

That is the idea over at dVerse Poets Pub for this week’s Poetics.


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  1. was peepin’ roun’ corners when chanced ‘pon yonder poem – through a portal maybe?
    totally enjoyed it

  2. I love that past peepin round corners. Great write.

  3. Gotta watch out for those pesky pasts a peepin. Great fun Mish.

  4. Love the idea of the past peepin’ round corners. Usually we’re comin’ to the corner, round the bend, and the future lies ahead…but here, the past is peeping out 🙂 Smiling I am. I’m thinking of me and my shadow and the past following me … Enjoyed this take on the prompt very much!

  5. Makin my head messin…I know that feeling. (K)

  6. Oh no… I know this… the past always comes back to hunt you. The faster you run the closer it comes.


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