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I follow you

Flashlight in hand

Still dimmer than our hearts

Lake of infinity

Lapping to the rhythm of


Sandy-toed, sips of merlot

You whisper of satellites

Geosynchronous orbits

And how much you love me

Spicing my world

Peppering my skies

With stars



Join us as I host one of our favourite prompts, the Quadrille at dVerse Poets Pub. 44 words including the word “spice” or any form of it. Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.  C’mon….get a little spicy!


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  1. This poem is so spiritual and mysterious.

  2. “You whisper of satellites / Geosynchronous orbits” I used to talk like that when I was a meteorologist. I just didn’t get to do so on a beach sipping merlot. A wondrous blend of words; alchemy.

  3. I like the idea of peppering the sky with stars. Or perhaps it is salting it because of the color?

  4. science on a beach with wine.. just perfect!

  5. oh how love can spice up our lives….and most especially with wine beside the ocean! 🙂 Wishing on starry skies, loving that special person! LOVE this.

  6. Oh I would love to watch stars with someone I love. That’s the perfect spice of life

  7. Moonlight madness. What a nice interlude!

  8. V. nice – I liked the line ‘Flashlight in hand / Still dimmer than our hearts’ it’s such a passionate image.

  9. Oh, lovely. That peppered sky…

  10. Just a perfect thought..

  11. I like how after the declaration of love you end the poem with
    “Peppering my skies
    With stars”
    Don’t we all feel truly loved by the cosmos when under the starry firmament? It really is as if the billions of stars are kisses, promises.

  12. Peppering the night with stars…..lovely, Mish.

  13. So romantic, especially love this:
    “You whisper of satellites

    Geosynchronous orbits

    And how much you love me”.


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