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Sensory Senryu

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a jet black bubble

titanium choke hold

last taste of insanity





auras of eucalyptus

good deeds dangle from the stars

waiting on supernova





pearly white snake

words whispering agenda

bouncing off the wise





preyed, poked and pried

shadowed under King Kong thumb

random rays of light



It’s time for Poetics at dVerse.  Today I am hosting and the topic is “Sensory Play”. Choose something abstract such as a colour, emotion, idea, concept, a quality, trait or situation…and bring it to life using one or more senses. You could also choose something more concrete, as long as you are using senses that are not normally associated with it. For example, describing the sound of “moonlight”. Hope you can join us!














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  1. Beautiful, Mish! A stunning collection of senryu. I particularly like the shadows under a King Kong thumb. Love this prompt 🙂

  2. I love how the different pieces come together. Especially that thumb of King-Kong.. bless the light.

  3. I love the whole collection, Mish, but I can really identify with Claustrophobia and Micromanaged!

  4. All three evoke great images here!! The strength is in the brevity 😉

  5. I agree with Kathy. You got under the skin of each word in a vivid phrase.

  6. A great series of senryu and I especially love ‘good deeds dangle from the stars’ ;o) xxx

  7. I liked how peace was waiting for the supernova which would not be a very peaceful event. Also being shadowed by King Kong’s thumb seems appropriate for micromanaged.

  8. I very much like the thought of good deeds dangling from stars. And thanks for my introduction to senyru. Beautiful examples.

  9. I love how these all come together and yet stand alone. You play with the abstract senses beautifully. Thank you for the great prompt.

  10. Such a fantastic collection of senryu, Mish ❤️especially love; “auras of eucalyptus good deeds dangle from the stars waiting on supernova.” Beautifully penned.❤️

  11. Fantastic series. Loved them as individuals and collectively.

  12. I too love the series ~ My favorite is peace ~ Thanks for the lovely challenge Mish ~

  13. Glenn Buttkus

    I’m pleased that you like to write senryu–when a haiku is called for, I generally prefer them, placing one at the end of most of my poems these days–creating my individual version of haibun, creating gentle parameters of the raw free verse I love. This poetic quartet is clever. I like FAKE, followed by PEACE..followed by fake peace; sweet.

  14. Micromanaged got me! I know that feeling so well. They all work together so well, too.


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