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From your lips

Word balloons drift

A speech bubble blitz

Of braggadocio

Oh Pinocchio

Clouds do not part

For your presence


You are marshmallowed


A fairy tale twaddle

Floating on folly

And horse feathers

Oh Romeo

Thy swelled head

Will soften your landing


For De’s quadrille prompt over at dVerse.

Write a 44 word poem including the word “balloon”.


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  1. Men ought to read this. Wonderful take, Mish!

  2. Thy swelled head – Will soften your landing. Loved this one so much, so many ways to interpret it. This was a very entertaining quadrille!

  3. Thy swelled head
    Will soften your landing

    Like the playful treatment of this posting!


  4. This is the first positive use for a swelled head I have heard. I like these lines: “A fairy tale twaddle/Floating on folly”

  5. Hey Mish – this was so much fun to read. – perfect for reading out loud!

  6. Mish! This is fantastic. I love the admonition in that last line, and the way this chastises with such humor.

  7. Love the title and response Mish, specially the ending ~ I would like to see the crash though, not a soft landing, ha

  8. Of course I connect this with “The Trump-et”, and I have no wish for a soft landing for him! Very well written!

  9. Ha. I sincerely hope that I’m not a windbag like that.. but we know why they always land softly.

  10. I am marshmallowed. Love this!

  11. I love this! Its lovely to read out aloud ❤️

  12. I love this! The first stanza is my favorite, but they are both good.

  13. I enjoyed the bravado in this one crowned by the soft landing for the swelled head 🙂


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