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Three Sails

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Rainbowed, razzle dazzled

Poised upon lavender skies

Steady handed horizon

Sea swirls capped in stark white

Murmurs of mustard froth

Blends of blue

Southwestern hues

Neon dreams adrift


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Written for Meeting the Bar. Bjorn is our host and he has asked us to take a closer look at impressionism to incorporate it into our poetry. We are painting with words. You can too.

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  1. each colour you used has a distinct flavour, here blending together yet still retaining its individuality, neon feels like a hybrid but still true to the original, I was fascinated by the play of words – Southwestern hues – so pretty!

  2. This is a wonderful summer image.. each line a brushstroke coming together in those hues.

  3. Brilliant, lovely, I adore this poem and image. ❤

  4. dazzling 🙂 nice poem

  5. ooooh. so calming and dazzling yes! ❤

  6. Sea swirls capped in stark white
    Murmurs of mustard froth
    Blends of blue

    One can more or less feel the sea movements in your words Mish! And not just that but they speak outrightly too!


  7. Gorgeous palette of words…love “neon dreams adrift”!

  8. I liked the line “Steady handed horizon”. Only a few lines need to be straight.

  9. Strong use of colour, deft use of the emotional language of colour. Lovely poem.

  10. Stunning use of colors specially: Murmurs of mustard froth

  11. This razzle-dazzled me. I love how you used color to paint like the impressionists, not forgetting those peaks of white.

  12. Words that really encapsulate the picture. Very nice indeed.


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