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Glass Fish

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You didn’t know

That on riverbanks I sat

Sinking in words unspoken

As waves sparkled and spat

Saying more than you could

And I ever would

I back-stroked in sea storms

Dreamed of days blue

While you fought the ebb tides

And this little memento

Means more than an ocean

To me


I am hosting Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub today. Today I am asking you to write a poem about one memento. You may use a souvenir from your travels, a photo, a keepsake from a special moment or event, perhaps a small token that is dear to your heart.


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  1. How gorgeous (poem and glass fish, both.) Funny, I just finished mine and yours is my first visit. You’ll see why that’s funny when you make your rounds. 😉

  2. I like the idea of a small memento meaning more than an ocean. Nice fish.

  3. My desk & several shelves are littered (says my wife) or decorated (says me) with sea shells, shiny rocks, driftwood, fishing floats, smooth bones, crystals & such. Each the embodiment of some time & place. Now my photography images replace the real artifacts.

  4. I love this glass fish memento ~ You captured that moment in time ~ And your ending is just perfect ~

  5. Whether a keepsake from a friendship or a love, the contrast is very poignant. “I backstroked in sea storms while you fought the ebb tides”

  6. Love the imagery at the beginning about the river.

  7. Mish, your poem, and glass fish remind me, of the smoked glass heart, on a thin gold necklace that I gave to my mom, for one Christmas, after visiting the Corning Store, in Corning, New York, in 1985, as part of a school trip, to Washington, DC. A happy memory, in a time of darkness, for me.

  8. This is a great memory, love the sun and sea inside… i think souvenirs can contain a whole journey.

  9. That’s a lovely memento. Your piece pose so much intrigue (my apologies for being nosy). That scene on the riverbank where you sat sinking in words unspoken as waves sparkled and spat is visually haunting.

  10. That is a real beauty of a memento. Lovely!

  11. Wonderful! I especially like the line “I back-stroked in sea storms.” A lovely memento! 🙂 This was a fun prompt to get a “glimpse” into so many folks.

  12. There are so many possibilities here. Funny how we treasure things for their meaning, not for any intrinsic value. Lovely read.

  13. It’s amazing how little things carry so much memory.

  14. Some of the smallest things are the most beautiful and precious. I love your glass fish, Mish, and I love that line ‘I back-stroked in sea storms’.

  15. that little glass fish sure holds lots of secret thoughts over heard by the river bank, but keeps it safe inside its tiny blue belly. loved this little piece for the feeling of a forgotten time that only this small memento can bring flooding back

  16. Wonderful memories and connections to the Blue Fish

  17. Adorable fish! Love your description of this memento.

  18. Wow Mish, this packs an emotional punch.


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