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It’s a short drive to the park. Winter has made a whimsical return as if to poke fun at Spring. Snow powdered trees appear to float in rainwater lagoons. I throw my daydreams into placid pools and wish for sunlight. In the foreground, flakes fall melting instantly on a glass stage. In the distance, they unite to soften the woods with a whitewash.  This portrait is life, mirrored and stilled by the indecisiveness of Mother Nature.  I join in reflections of branches blurred and blended, losing myself in the scene.


Seasonal squabble

Geese ponder their homeward flight

Nature simply paints


Björn leads our Haibun Monday this week.  He explains two techniques, “ekphrasis” and “haiga” as we combine art and poetry.




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  1. “Nature simply paints” – – indeed! beautiful!

  2. This is a wonderful scene, I love when nature paints for us. A wonderful scenery set in three pieces.

  3. Nice photo of the park where the rain makes it look as if the trees are in a pond. I can see the snowflakes in the photo.

  4. Nature simply does. What a shame we can’t be so simple. Lovely images.

  5. Very atmospheric, still and frozen, perfect fading away in the distance of words and picture…

  6. Nature is a painting in continual change. Loved the placid pools.

  7. Love love love this…all of it…exsquisite.

  8. Such a lovely photo and words, blending in the winter wonderland that is Canada ~ Hope you are keeping warm Mish ~

  9. Beautiful. Your prose does a wonderful job of painting the image.

  10. Someone has to fill in the backgrounds…. A wonderful haibun!

  11. Mirrored ans stilled – great phrase. Really, one of many.
    Bravo Mish!

  12. A beautiful haibun Mish, I love how nature paints 💖

  13. …”flakes fall, melting instantly on a glass stage”….what a lovely word picture! Thank you for that.

  14. A sense of melancholy for me, however very beautiful!!


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