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Sunny Side Up

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Pelee Island 140

She liked her eggs sunny side up

      … running away
Like she always did

She poked the yolks
Releasing them, releasing her
From destinies and obligations
Yellow trickles of madness


Soaking grainy plateaus on her plate
Mesas she never climbed
The people left behind
Standing there
Like the salt and pepper shakers
Stoically staring her down

This.. a mere snippet of it all
Life served on a platter
Exchanged for prices
And slices of her heart
She toyed with the lettuce
Lifting it, loathing it
A worthless embellishment


Dying in front of her
Like all the rest

For Open Link Night at dVerse. Grace is our host!

Originally written for a poetic prompt in 2015 where we were challenged by Claudia Schoenfeld to write layered poetry.

If you are new to dVerse, OLN is an opportunity to share one poem with other poets in a welcoming, non-judgemental environment. We would love to have you join us.  Doors open at 3 p.m. EST.


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  1. Wow! Well first off, I HATE eggs sunny side up or over easy …. anything where the yolk runs. yech!!! So I love this metaphor and the way it plays out….ending with wilted embellishments…dying in front of her. In my opinion, quite like egg yolk, bright yellow oooozing out onto a plate! 😦

  2. You and Grace embrace yellow today; nice. I like your line /yellow trickles of madness/. It’s over hard, smothered in bacon, lettuce & mayo on sourdough, please.

  3. Wow!❤️ Such a flurry of emotion here in your verse, Mish! “She poked the yolks releasing them, releasing her from destinies and obligations yellow trickles of madness”.. sigh..

  4. Wonderful metaphor of those eggs., and that wilted salad. I do remember the prompt, and I always think layered poetry since then

  5. Super layered poem this is. The metaphors of the eggs and the wilted salad. Although I love runny yellow yolks, dipping in toast points. What an emotional poem, so full of madness, anger, grief….excellent.

  6. Very interesting the way your poem gives me the two different layers at the same time! I really like that. I like runny egg yolks, too! 🙂

  7. This is delicious. Poked the yolks releasing thm, what a gem!

  8. A wonderful platter of metaphors Mish, I love how you poke the yolks to release them 💖

  9. “She toyed with the lettuce
    Lifting it, loathing it
    A worthless embellishment


    Dying in front of her
    Like all the rest”

    Inspired. Thanks

  10. I admire how food can be interpreted in different ways ~ The ending was sharp, a knife, to sunny beginnings ~ Hope you are feeling better Mish ~

  11. Neat comparison there… soaking grainy plateaus on her plate, mesas she had never sure inspires!

  12. Oh. This grabbed me hard. The anger, the sadness….made metaphorically with (or by?) food?

    Such desperation and despair so well caught.

  13. I agree with the others. Like the way you used runny eggs to describe something deeper.

  14. I usually eat the lettuce and the garnishes, if edible. I liked how the salt and pepper shakers were staring her down.

  15. Wow….what a powerful metaphor!! So beautifully crafted.

  16. Great use of metaphors….yes, layers of meaning…loved this…

  17. Loving the power in this, Mish! Such imagery! This requires a few more readings out loud. And it deserves it as well!

  18. Love the metaphor here. Glad that not everyone who likes runny yoke is so flighty! (but I’m ok anyways because I like my yoke hard).

  19. You made me hungry but great metaphor (like Bryan said.)

  20. That is one heck of a well-developed extended metaphor, Mish. I kind of wonder if, all of us, at some point in our lives, aren’t a bit like those eggs…sunny side up or, perhaps, scrambled.

  21. I like how the feelings come out with playing with food…with textures, things that are there and the mind wanders (that’s where I took it anyway)

  22. The metaphors, layered wilting textures… well-written.


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