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Knock, Knock….Peace, are you there?

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We create our own castles

Brick by brick

We build walls

High enough to obscure faces

And far away places

Pain and anguish muffled

By our own missions


We wonder but don’t worry

Slow down from our hurry

Only to throw a few pennies

Or thoughts without physically

Touching a soul


We wait for peace like we’re

Waiting for the sun to

Burn holes through mortar

Did we forget how to open a door?

Poem written by Mish

Photo credit: Candace Kubinec

Sharing with Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub.

Candy and I have worked together for over a year on a project we call “Collaboration for Peace”. We have been inspired by each others photos, writing poems that ponder and promote peace in our world or within ourselves. It has been an amazing experience and I am blessed to have shared it with such a wonderful person and poet.

This post was “Collaboration for Peace – 29” posted back in July. We only have a few more to go as we’re determined to reach our goal of 52. We post every Sunday and will return after the holidays.


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  1. “Did we forget how to open a door?”

    Drives the point home! Beautifully penned. 🙂 Conveys the need to simplify, instead of complicating life.

  2. Sometimes it’s the walls without doors that are the worst… alas we feel safer when being blind.

  3. A beautiful poem in response to the photograph Mish 💖

  4. I love that ending and your photo is just complements it beautifully ~

  5. Oh that last line just shines. Wonderful project you and Candy have taken on, Mish. Bravo.

  6. Very thought provoking. I really liked it.

  7. What a wonderful project you and Candy have taken on, Mish. Such a meaningful message in this, peace is not something to wait passively for; we must live it. We must find a way to open our hearts and doors to others. Well done!

  8. lovely thoughts. Sums up the uncertainty and reluctance. XX

  9. Fabulous. We wall ourselves in and think we’re making a difference. We need to start opening doors.

  10. That last line left me absolutely breathless and deep in thought❤️

  11. Waiting for the sun to
    Burn holes through mortar
    Did we forget how to open a door?

    One had waited but to no avail. But did one really had made it easier for peace to come through? There did not seem to be any urgency on the powers that be!



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