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Recipe for Closure

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Dig deep

You may have to sift through

The negative ions

Particles of the unpropitious


Become stirred

Let …yourself… rise

You deserve the outcome

Knead I say more?


Today I am your host at dVerse Poets Pub .I am asking you to create your own “recipe poem”, but not of the culinary kind. Instead, write about something more abstract such as “a recipe for love”. You may want to include the language of a cookbook, but that is up to you.  Join us! Doors open at 3 p.m EST.


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  1. Oh I do love how you have used the cookbook language here.. the knead and the stir… wonderful

  2. I needed this recipe for closure – thank you, Mish! I like the use of cookery words, such as ‘sift’, ‘stirred’ and ‘rise’ – making bread is truly therapeutic and I haven’t done it for a long time – time to rise to the occasion and get baking!

  3. What a great poem! I love your use of knead, stir, rise, sift….I’m glad for all the baking I am doing this season. It is indeed therapeutic.

  4. Perfect! Love your use of the culinary words. Such inspiration here.

  5. The perfect illustration for your very creative prompt; luscious brevity & clarity. My poem had a few cooking terms in it, but one has to sift through the garnish to find them.

  6. Okay…I’m tired but thought I’d read a few. Knead I say more? Clever clever….Love this! Smiling I am!

  7. You’ve cook up a perfect poem.

  8. I love your opening line of “dig deep”…yes, must dig deep to find closure sometimes. Thanks for such a thought provoking prompt, Michelle!

  9. baking up some closure, kneading it so is probably good therapy

  10. What a great play on words, Mish. Clever and full of truth. Rise!

  11. Nice play on words here, much enjoyed.

  12. Closure certainly can be tricky to find. Love this recipe!


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