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Moon Trippin’

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Supermoon sent us scrambling to the nearest park for open ground. Cameras in hand, we had visions of something extraordinary. The awe came when I did not focus on or with my camera but stood with mind silenced, tracing her perfection. I imagined some funky God of Geometry with a giant compass and extremely steady hands, carving our cosmic muse into carbon paper skies. He didn’t know her beauty until the asteroids and meteorites chiseled her barren cheeks and the sun dazzled her silly.

We heard the unmistakable howl of a coyote in the nearby woods. Believing in the myth added to the ambience.  I became lost in the mystery of moon tides and the depths of craters. I wondered where I stood with her in astrological terms, being born on the first day of the whole zodiac. I am clearly a beginning…to something.  Her porcelain face revealed no secrets. With fuzzy photos, we turned to go home. She followed,  her golden light gushing over darkened streets.  I drank her energy, let her sparkle my spirit one more time, just in case I would not see her Supermoon magic again.


sun in Scorpio

stars of Aries kiss Luna

November clouds drift



Written for dVerse, “Haibun Monday: You say it’s your birthday?” Toni is back and she has given us options for this haibun challenge. “You have three choices:  birthday, full moon, or combine the two.” Check it out. There’s still time to join in!



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  1. Great! I don’t think I will be around in 18 years when the next super moon appears, being an old girl already. I drank her energy….in case I would not see her supermoon energy again… this.

  2. I love this Mish and the howl of a coyote sooo adds to the magic :o)

  3. Even your prose was beautiful poetry.
    It was, as usual, too cloudy here to get the ‘full’ effect of the super moon but I stood and gazed anyway.

  4. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Sweetly haunting.

  5. I love this… here the moon was hid behind the thickest of clouds… so nothing like this, the coyotes was a such a fine addition.

  6. I love that capture in the moment, being lost in the mystery and moon tides ~ I also like your ending:

    I drank her energy, let her sparkle my spirit one more time, just in case I would not see her Supermoon magic again.


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