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Abusing Walls

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I held you up

I let you paint me

In the latest trends

Layer upon layer

Of boredom and

Mid-life madness

I hated periwinkle by the way

Then you had the gall

To nail me!

Fancy little treasures

All in a row…oh

I sheltered you

From the storms but

You just made your own

Then what do ya’ know?

You… kicked…me!

I didn’t like that

But I think it hurt you more


At dVerse Poets Pub we are giving walls a voice. 

You can join in too!


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  1. That line made me smile: ‘I hated periwinkle by the way’!

  2. This is so moving, so graphic, written from the perspective of the wall, its feelings and emotions especially “Layer upon layer of boredom and mid-life madness” Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  3. Poor walls… I think that we paint them mostly white here… a soulless wall.

  4. I thought about this as well. All the lead paint, then garish wallpaper and crayons. A great poem from an abused wall.

  5. The revenge of the wall! Love it!! My walls in Chicago were festooned in art. Here, in Long Beach, it pains me to nail through the plaster of a century old wall and they are still mostly bare after three months and art remains tucked under beds and in closets.

    • Thank you, Mark I would be hesitant about those walls too!
      I’m having trouble commenting on your poem. Not sure what the problem is, but a window pops up quickly and disappears. Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your timely and vivid poem. It also sent me googling for more information about Días de los Muertos. Thanks for joining in. 🙂

      • Mark, I’m sorry to have to piggyback on Mish’s comment but I’m not able to post on your poem.

        as I carefully tiptoe
        between their souls
        and the candles left behind
        to remember them…. the attitude we should have with these dead and their memories.

  6. My husband pities walls with too many nails. Fabulous take on the prompt and mid-life decorating madness!

  7. This was marvelous! Loved the voice you gave the wall. Excellent.

  8. oh now the walls have spoken… that last line is like a sweet revenge. 🙂

  9. I love this take on walls and how they can feel abused. Clever


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