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First Embrace

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Oh my little sea anemone

I didn’t know your name

Or if your game included me

My intrusion, your confusion

My bucket list of fickleness

But somehow I knew

I knew you would reach for me

The first time I touched you



Sea anemone, Laguna Beach


Written for Poetics: “first things first”. Kelly has returned for a visit and has asked us to write a poem about a first.  This brief interaction was most likely a first for both of us.

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  1. This is so sweet… I have always felt I would touch them, but at the same time been careful… somehow they are quite cute.

  2. Aw, that made me smile. I love it!

  3. Makes me think of the time I stroked manta rays (at an aquarium)…just awesome!

  4. A sea anemone?!! I was convinced I was reading about a lover.

  5. Wow~ What an experience and I see that you have been at Laguna beach which I went to also this summer. Love that picture too Mish ~

  6. They look so fragile, vulnerable and touchable! The beach is mesmerizing!



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