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I am sanded by time

Battered by the tempest

Scattered and cast away

Losing my edges

Making my pledges

To the wind

Gutless, un-glittered

I twirl in curls of waves

Bask in suns, unseen

Do you even know

What I mean?

I am un-sparkled

Every other Monday at dVerse, we create quadrilles.   44 words with one specific word to be included. Today, De has chosen the word “spark” or a word that contains spark as the root word such as sparkle, sparkly…you get the idea. The fun begins at 3 p.m. EST. 


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  1. unsparkled that’s a word that fits so well… somehow when you wrote gutted I think of a the scales of a fish… which could be a metaphor within a metaphor.

  2. “I am un-sparkled” … I think De is rubbing off on you … in a very good way. I believe what you’re saying underneath is, “I am un, sparkled,” which is a most beautiful notion. … Ooh, now I see, “I am moon-sparkled” and “I am moon, sparkled.” Or “I am moon-spark led.” I could go on, but I’ll stop. 😉

  3. Love love LOVE that last line. Shawna has already called out its possibilities. 😉
    I also love “Losing my edges/making my pledges” — and the way that losing your edges could be a good thing…smoothing things out, like seaglass. 😉

  4. Love the un-sparkled last line ~ I also like the progression of losing one’s way & edges ~ Your photo is perfect, smiles ~

  5. I like the inclusion of that question, “Do you even know what I mean?” It invites the reader to enjoy a second read, to go deeper. So good, Grace.

  6. Love this one, Mish! Especially:
    ‘Gutless, un-glittered
    I twirl in curls of waves
    Bask in suns, unseen’
    ‘I am un-sparkled’!

  7. ‘Losing my edges’ makes me think of something eroding – this has a pensive feel
    Well done Mish!

  8. Making my pledges to the wind.. sigh.. that’s such a divine image ❤️ Beautifully penned.

  9. Nice description of the opposite of sparkled.

  10. This runs very deep and ‘Losing my edges Making my pledges To the wind’ is so beautifully said.

  11. Nice word-weaving. You had me at the first line, using sand, not the paper, as a verb–or at least expanding the realm of sanding.

  12. There are a few different ways to interpret this but my first thought was of the sea glass and stones that are beached and worn smooth by the continual turbulence of the sea. You write of all things dull and un-sparkled so well.

  13. sanded by time… beautiful.

  14. Beautiful lines, Mish. Makes me think and reflect about life and how time (and so many other things) has sanded our glitters and sparkles. *sigh*

  15. i am gripped from beginning to end. the melancholy of the lines, the tiredness, they are clearly felt. ❤

  16. Wow! This piece is stunning. Love that word “unsparkled”!

  17. Fabulous bookends here – first and last lines are fabulous!

  18. The un-sparkled is quite deep. So many things sparkle at the edge of the sea.

  19. All we need is a bit of understanding to get our sparkle back…
    A lonely poem. Beautiful.

  20. This made me think of the sea turtles we saw in Hawaii. This describes them so well because in the end they are kind of dull-looking — un-sparkled.

  21. This begs the reader to take a deeper look around. It has a sense of sadness or loss or perhaps it is just my interpretation the piece.

  22. I love your use of the word “mean”. It felt bigger than the poem – not what you mean by these words, but what your meaning is in the broadest sense of the word. One to read and re-read, I think.

  23. I love the feeling of this one. Beautifully lonely.

  24. SoUL of Sands
    washed uP sHoRE..
    GrAins oF Sand BrUsh
    HeARt moRE.. spiRit burns
    in noon day sun.. lit oF Moon
    SpiRit salves tears more..
    niGht BrinGs air
    water comes
    to lips.. SouL

  25. Nice trick to turn that question on itself at the end.

  26. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    It may be so – but you say it beautifully!


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