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This town begs to be a city. Eclectic shops come and go. Dreams blossom and wilt. Still it swallows me whole sometimes. Just like it did when I was seventeen.  A few high rises line the river offering penthouse status, sparkles of blue and a clear view of another country. Seagulls circle over small boutiques, flea markets and the latest hang out for organic cuisine. I smirk at the English pub I used to frequent often with friends. The raw acoustic sound wraps itself around me like a familiar hug.  The old theater, now a venue for live performances is lit up like Vegas in vintage cinema letters. I pass the art gallery, a martini bar and a retro music store before finally reaching the library. This is the last stop before the scenery becomes a bit dicey. Or… you can make your way to the chemical plants, where this town hides the best of its big city lights.


I was small under fall of leaves

Colossal in the spring of youth

Shadowed in wake of winter

Summer sun, my only light





This week, we are taking our haibun to the city with a contemporary approach to the form. Bjorn shares all the details over at dVerse.  Hope to meet up with you there!


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  1. I can imagine that town dressing up like Vegas in vintage cinema lights ~ Chemical plants at the end though, is telling of which way this town or city is heading into ~ And love your quartrain of seasons ~

  2. I too enjoy your quatrain of the seasons! The city dressed like Vegas is an excellent visual. “The raw acousfic sounds wraps around me like a familiar hug.” Wonderful line!

  3. I followed all the way… thanks for the image and of the experience. 🙂

  4. I felt like I was walking alongside. Wonderful imagery and color.

  5. the quatrain is indeed a delight and the imagery of your prose, too!

  6. I enjoyed this walk through your town that ‘begs to be a city’. I like the ‘sparkles of blue and a clear view of another country’ and the seagulls circling. I like the dark twist at the end, where ‘the scenery becomes a bit dicey. Or… you can make your way to the chemical plants, where this town hides the best of its big city lights.’ A wonderful tour of the seasons in your crowning quatrain, Mish!

  7. Such a wonderfully hypnotic scene which you’ve painted here with your words, Michelle ❤️ the imagery alone made me feel like I was part of the experience. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  8. Thanks for sharing your walk through the town with bright lights and big dreams. The photo is a perfect counterpoint.

  9. This town begs to be a city…. perfect intro

  10. I love your walk through the seasons of your city and ‘The raw acoustic sound wraps itself around me like a familiar hug’ is such a wonderful line :o)

  11. Enjoyed walking with you to the library.

  12. I especially like how you describe that border to the less attractive part of town… a town that begs to be a city shows some ambition *smiles*

  13. Oh you’ve taken us through the aging change of a town/city — and yourself and your “city ways” as well. We went back to the “town” where I grew up a few years ago — now a city. Went down to the lakefront where I fished on the pier with my dad. Everything so changed — and sad to see my old house with stairs on a battered porch, just hanging on….apple tree gone…lilac bushes gone….
    everything changes. But oh — the chemical plant — ugh.

  14. This really struck me because it could have been a description of my town/city. The shops that open and close, the theaters, art galleries and then the high rises along the river. Just so familiar.

  15. The sentiment is strong and the visuals are excellent! Your poem at the end is profound, poignant and moving. Fantastic work. ❤️

  16. great twist with the chemical plants! Love your descriptions of hope and failure of becoming “a big city”.

  17. In many cities there’s that line of demarcation that lets you know that you’re now passing into a whole different vibe. For whatever reason some towns just stay small towns and never evolve past that. I like your observations and memories of how different places affected you through the “seasons.”


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