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Sometimes I like to

Dangle in dewdrops

Laugh hysterically in

Cynical times

Find a way to face

My own face

It is not always easy

To celebrate




Is to celebrate

I will face my own

Cynical times

I will laugh at myself

Yes, hysterically

Because sometimes

It is easy to dangle

In dewdrops


Written for Walt’s poetic prompt, “A Cause For Celebration”.

Come celebrate with a poem over at dVerse Poets Pub.

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  1. Dangle on dewdrops – I’m celebrating the beauty of this sublimely resonant piece. x

  2. A beautiful almost-mirror poem Mish ~ Its easy to be cynical but sometimes we have to laugh hysterically at ourselves ~ Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Mish ~

  3. I like how the cynicism is reflected back in the dewdrops and laughter instead ensues.

  4. Dangling in dewdrops sounds good to me.

  5. The mirror becomes perfect with the dangling on dewdrops.

  6. Nice work with the mirroring. Like the dangling in dewdrops!

  7. love the dangling in dewdrops, and the affirmation that “life is to celebrate! “

  8. Lovely write ❤️ especially the image of dangling dewdrops is genius.


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