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I am a speck

In the float of fairy dust

Swept in spirals

Iridescent futility

Give me some gusto


The sun dazzles me dizzy

On cloudy days

My eyes tire of the roll


My firefly flicker is

          S-l-o-w-l-y   f-a—-ding

While you dangle, debonair

Among the diamonds

You and your crescent grin



Written for Lill’s poetic prompt, “Razzle Dazzle Me!”.  Not feeling very sparkly lately. Thought I’d blame it on the moon.


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  1. Loooooooooove this, my Moon Sister. 🙂

  2. I am dazzled by the beauty of your words Luna-sis.

  3. I am a speck In the float of fairy dust… love that

  4. That’s a great last line! You and your crescent grin, indeed.

  5. We need some Luna in our lives – my grin’s a crescent.

  6. This is delicate and beautiful.

  7. Great imagery and delicate wordplay. Luna See. 😉

  8. “Give me some gusto” indeed! Love so much about this: play on words (lunatic) – imagery of fairy dust and that crescent grin at the end — the format used for the firefly. Wonderful take on the prompt! I am bedazzled❤️ Hope you have a more sparkly feeling today!

  9. Love this and the ending ‘you and your crescent grin’ is so strong and dazzling :o)

  10. Absolutely splendid write, Mish ❤️

  11. I love how you made “slowly fading” actually slowly fade!

  12. This has such an ethereal quality. Love it.


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