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Do You See Herons?

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Herons? Yes, I see them often…from a distance. Familiar sights on regular hikes through marshlands and parks. They appear to me as a privilege, preening on a rock amidst the reeds or sailing overhead in glorious flight. Grey. That is common or sometimes a Great White Egret, with plumage of an angel set aglow by the sun. It is always enough to slightly dazzle me. Today I am given a gift. From the top of the bridge that arches over a murky green creek, I stand only a few feet away from him. Staring motionless at the water with one leg spindly and bent, he waits. He waits more patiently than I do. He cares not that I watch. I become a similar statue, camera in hand anticipating his next move. And there it is. Saaaa-nap! His elongated beak now holds firmly to a tiny wriggling fish along with an innocent leaf caught in the hunt. An ordinary day for him. I am a guest, if only to admire a great heron’s dinner.


leaves ride in ripples

twilight grants one last favour

over humdrum day







We are looking for the “extra” in the ordinary for Haibun Monday. Grace is our host and she has reacquainted us with the form.  Hope you can join us!


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  1. The ordinary dinner for a heron becomes extraordinary when we are invited to watch…

  2. This was/is beautiful. Sheer zen, especially because you waited for it.

  3. I love watching herons. Thank you for inviting me to share in your moment. I think the haiku is fantastic.

  4. I love Herons. They have such grace, even when killing for food. Well written.

  5. To watch that is indeed a gift Mish ~ Love the pictures, your patience and his in granting this favour ~ This is my favorite description:

    Great White Egret, with plumage of an angel set aglow by the sun

  6. Oh❤️ I love how you capture the excitement and anticipation of watching the heron, its each and every move; especially “His elongated beak now holds firmly to a tiny wriggling fish along with an innocent leaf caught in the hunt.” Lovely haibun Michelle ❤️

    Lots of love,

  7. I have always delighted in seeing the Heron perform his perfected fishing skills. He is a wise lesson in patience and being where you are….totally. So nice to read this post.

  8. How beautiful, Michelle. I adore all water birds. When we go to Florida, it’s one of my favorite sights. LOVE this:
    “They appear to me as a privilege”

    I feel this way about nature, so often. As if God has chosen me for the viewing of something amazing.

  9. A wonderful haibun and photographs Michelle, I love the ‘innocent leaf caught in the hunt’.

  10. “They appear to me as a privilege, … Grey … with plumage of an angel set aglow by the sun.”
    “camera in hand anticipating his next move”
    “leaves ride in ripples”

    These are my favorites.

  11. How wonderful that you were able to catch that moment!

  12. yes, twilight is a painting in and of itself.
    love your nature photos.

  13. I love herons and I love this haibun. So many iincredible images in here, even more so, the anticipation of geetting that perfect shot. Perfect haiku at the end.

  14. You done good with this 🙂 ❤

  15. And what a great catch you got with those two photos, Mish. Love how you describe the beauty of the herons and the scene that you came upon and waited so patiently for the bird to snap up his dinner!

  16. How confident is the heron in its quest to be a hunter not a hunted. Great photo shots Mish!


  17. Very nice portrait of a day in nature.


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