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Spirit Birds

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Feather me, hawk

To help me see

Feather me, crow

Please balance me

Feather me, dove

To nurture and love

Feather me, bluebird

With joyful words

Feather me, eagle

To make me wise

Feather me, seagull

In freedom, I’ll fly

Feather me, falcon

To heal my soul

Give me my wings

To make me whole


A late response to Victoria’s poetic prompt, “Come Fly With Me”

It’s  Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub.  Feel free to share a poem with us!

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  1. I love all the different feathers you gather in this beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’d like to be whole as well with your feathers.

  3. I love the poetic response Mish ~ There is wisdom from nature’s winged creatures ~

  4. What a splendid idea, Mish. I like how you used feather as a verb and then elaborated on the various attributes of the different birds.

  5. I love this – almost like a prayer to the totems, you call to the birds for help, feather as a verb is perfect.

  6. Feather me Mish, so that I may write as beautifully! Splendid read and rhyming work. I wrote something similar once about different elements of nature, but I don’t think it’s nearly as good as yours. It’s one of those drafts that just stays a draft. 😊

  7. Nice thoughts, I’ll remember that today. ❤

  8. Very clever, heartfelt and beautiful. Nicely done

  9. I love this, calling on each of the birds for a feather as a totem and prayer. Wonderful poem.

  10. I like the repetition and the unique attribute of each bird here.

  11. Terrific idea as response to the prompt, with lovely rhyme scheme, brevity, & lots of variety; a fun read.

  12. Let them do it all for the sake of freedom to move. One envies them to be able to spread their wings with ease.


  13. Beautiful!

    The closing lines are just wonderful.

  14. Give me my wings
    To make me whole… like that!

  15. Oh my, this is marvelous–simple and so elegant.

  16. A “totem pole” type of poem. (this would be an awesome carved totem pole I think) Lovey ode to magnificent birds!


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