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Waiting on Wings

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My days have suddenly become empty. Disconnected. As my feet take to the path along the pond, I am immediately transported to a better world, a wiser system of life. I am guided by the goldenrod that edges the marsh, layered by clouds that whisper October. Distant sounds of the highway become muffled and soon forgotten. My haven is solid. The sun starts to melt on the horizon, pouring liquid gold ripples across the water. They reach for me. I reach for my camera. As I look through my lens, a large swarm of gnats dance against the glow and I wonder how these lowly beggarly bugs can possibly steal the show…but they do. Hundreds of starlings arrive in what seems to be chaotic confusion, contrasting with their precision landings on swaying reeds. I start to climb the rickety wooden lookout and again curse at the park for not replacing the missing step. There must be other people like me that don’t like missing steps. Perched and ready, I wait for the geese, my constant. Usually the honking is outrageously loud as they begin their dissension, but  I hear nothing but a few lonesome tootles. I wonder if they’ve found a new venue and why. The sun lays itself over the pond to bid farewell. Clouds become fuchsia pink feathers, a delicate distraction as the night sky slowly envelopes me. I question my instinct to leave. Am I afraid of the darkness even in the comfort of this paradise?


autumn winds waver

memories fade on still waters

sun dips into dusk




Written for “Haibun Monday: Winds of Change” led by Toni Spencer (kanzensakura)

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  1. Love the lighting…peaceful time of day

  2. What a beautiful settings, the colours are painted so well, but somehow I feel that the gnats being that element of surprise in beauty, a change that happens every day.

  3. I love the way you use the camera as a way of changing focus, zooming in on the gnats and starlings, and the way the haiku rounds the haibun off so beautifully.

  4. Clouds become fuchsia pink feathers, a delicate distraction as the night sky slowly envelopes me.. sigh.. that is such an incredible image! ❤

  5. I want to come hike with you some day!

  6. Oh Mish! Exquisite!!! Especially “pouring liquid gold ripples.” Sigh in wonder. Sigh in contentment. Sigh within this serenity you’ve created with words.

  7. A haibun of haven, I was transported too! Thank you!

  8. Indeed nature is my life saver too and I find it nourishing to just observe the animals and the beautiful scenery. I am bracing myself for the wonderful colors of autumn!

  9. Lovely picture to go with this lovely halibun.

  10. GORGEOUS photos, and images within your words. This, alone, is just such a stunning image:
    “I am guided by the goldenrod”

  11. This is so replete with delicious imagery, Mish. You brought me along with you. Better gnats than mosquitoes. And then there are the feathers!

  12. Thank you, Victoria. Those gnats were somehow enchanting..haha.
    Speaking of feathers…I missed Mr.Linky for your prompt! Hoping to finish and add mine to OLN. 🙂

  13. love and vivid imagery and heartfelt words, Mish. Those photos are lovely and your haiku is just great. ❤

  14. So intricately detailed. I love your clouds whispering October. I love these days of transition.

  15. What a beautiful and peaceful scene! Paradise indeed!

  16. What a wonderful photo, with a haibun that does it proud.


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