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pic for Departure


I watch the old bones
Of your pianist hands
Bend in new ways
Blue irises fading, not in beauty
Mind sharper than mine

Will you take flight tomorrow
Or am I blessed with more?
My pen is dripping tears
Dare I write these words?

Am I afraid to love so much that
The ground beneath me liquefies
When you go?

Will your skin, soft and weathered
Turn to pixels on a screen
Leaving me floating here
In the silence of white noise?

When you become that
One …star…ablaze
I will not stand in darkness…alone
Waving at you from the gate
I swear
I will be your moon
Gently glowing
By your side



We are facing our fears today as I tend bar over at dVerse Poets Pub.

Doors open at 3:00 p.m. EST.

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  1. Such a frightening scene, to finally say goodbye. I don’t think we can ever be ready for this moment. A beautiful and moving write (I am teary-eyed).

    Thanks for hosting Mish!

  2. I am so crazy over this poem. I too am terrified of losing my mother and my husband, so this touches me deeply.

    And it does make it seem scary to love them, since I don’t handle loss well.

    This is my favorite:

    “Am I afraid to love so much that The ground beneath me liquefies”

  3. Fear of love, fear of loss all at the same time. I thought of fear of losing music too… Thanks for tending bar and sharing this!

  4. I like the end being their moon, that’s quite touching

  5. Fear of loving too much and fear of loss… sigh… this is so beautifully emotive Mish 🙂

    Lots of love,

  6. Fear of the loss of loved
    ones haunted me all the days
    of my youth.. until my child died
    in my arms after 51 days of suffering..
    i saw A blessing of death
    first before
    i ever let
    go to truly
    live.. and even
    after that facing
    death three times
    myself in life..
    i lEarned
    to LiVe..
    LiFE IS A
    GifT i no longer
    feAr as the scariest paRt
    of All is liVing iN Fear.. for
    me @least
    my friend..
    as grieving
    takes care
    of the
    rest oF i
    in tears of Love..
    as even worse than fear
    for me was the inability to shed
    a tear or feel.. or even remember a
    smile or tear for 5 long years.. and the
    death of a cat that generated one tear
    was the best literal feeling in years
    to FeeL
    a heARt
    long past fear
    long gone dead
    wHere any pain
    was better
    @aLL then..:)

  7. This piece is incredibly good; brings us all to tears. Superb word-smithing, & perfect illustration of your prompt. I like the lines /leaving me floating here/in the silence of white noise/.

  8. Josslyn Rae Turner

    Beautifully written! ❤

  9. I’ve been thinking about how I’ll handle the loss of my mother who is 90 and has had some health setbacks lately. We never know when she may slip away. It’s a frightening thought mostly. Thanks for sharing, Mish.

  10. I found this very moving.

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  12. Ah, poignant and so beautifully-written. ❤

  13. Mish, your poem made me gasp and now I have tears in my eyes. Your opening lines reminded me of my mother’s hands, once gentle and graceful, now tiny claws.I am both fearful of the day my mother passes away and hopeful that her awful, unhappy, demented confusion in a sad care home ends soon.

    • I’m so sorry for your mother’s situation, Kim. It is so sad that after everything one accomplishes and becomes in this life, that their final days end up like this. Thoughts and prayers for your mom. Thank you for your comments.

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  15. a fear of goodbye told beautifully. the agony is tangible especially in these lines:

    “Am I afraid to love so much that
    The ground beneath me liquefies
    When you go?”

    Great, Mish! I am Rosema and I am delighted to finally know you. 🙂

  16. I reckon loss is the hardest emotion to cope with. Well written, Mish.

  17. Oh Mish, I know this fear all to well and have lived through it in the passing of my parents and my husband. You’ve penned it beautifully.

  18. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful, it tugged at my heart.

  19. Mish, what a lovely poem. The fear of loss…the fear of the void left behind is poignantly penned.

  20. Such a touching piece. Love the “blue irises” metaphor for, I’m presuming, veins?

  21. Our human tragedy as it were…touching write, M! The pianist’s misshapen hands is quite the image.

  22. My pen is dripping tears…

    Leaving me floating here
    In the silence of white noise?

    All of your poem speaks of a great fear…. Crisp, precise…. Very fine!

  23. Oh my,so timely for me as my mom has taken a turn for the worse and I’m debating if I need to go. Huge pain in this

    • Aww Victoria..I so wish you could NOT relate to this. Hope you can see your mom soon. Everything else can wait…..precious moments cannot. Thoughts and prayers for you, sweet lady. 🙂

  24. So many great lines and so, so touching!

  25. It is so hard to lose loved ones. You’ve caught that feeling of final days in your poem.


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