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Making Scents

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She made scents to him

Hints of jasmine

Teases of moon-flower

Flutters of frangipani

Gentle wafts swirling

Over sun kissed skin

She was his four o’clock flower

He was her sea breeze lingering

On sandalwood trails

Strolling paths of patchouli

Whispers of mint melding



Grace is tending bar over at dVerse. We are writing poems about scents.  I was pleasantly surprised after finishing this piece that it happened to be exactly 44 words.  An accidental quadrille!











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  1. Hypnotic and alluring this, Mish! I love it!

  2. Whistles!! ❤ such a sweet and sensuous write Michelle 😀

  3. A happy accident indeed! Love the sensual nature of aroma in this!

  4. I do love the ending in particular…a bit of opposites attracts. Especially the four o’clock flower….

  5. Wonderful – the four o’clock flower? Was this a hint that this was the time of their furtive tryst?

  6. Oooo,la,la! This is scentsual *wink*

  7. Whoa….mesmerizing and so seductive 🙂

  8. Sensual poem without being too extreme. I love the she is and he is in this and all the wonderful exotic scents floating about.

  9. Just gorgeous, evocative. I guess the more we do quadrilles, the more we begin to think in 44 words.

  10. Aromatic adventure brought back to life!


  11. I felt myself breathing deeply to inhale the intoxicating aromas as I read this piece! Sigh…

  12. So very late to mosey up to the dVerse bar for reading this prompt….playing with grandchildren took precedence. But oh how lovely to come here now….and enjoy these lovely scents. Love the play on words also. I’m reminded of the hedge rows of frangipani in Hawaii — nice! 🙂

  13. Josslyn Rae Turner

    Lovely piece!


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