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Nagame (Long Rain)

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We begin the journey home from windy shores and seagulls galore. Hues of blue and grey ominously mingle on the horizon as patter becomes pelt against the windshield. My sunglasses hide pools of pain on the brink, mimicking the skies.  I am the passenger on these long drives, musing away miles, soaking in cimmerian clouds until I rain. These are moments for writing elegies of those still breathing. These are my dark secrets I dare share of time lost and obsessions with the inevitability of death. Maybe it is the monotonous rhythm of tires on wet pavement that plays to my melancholy heart. Is it any wonder that flowers grow up and rain falls down?


rain beats in doldrums

shrouded sun waits for downdrafts

torrential  tears



Toni leads our Haibun Monday prompt titled “50 Shades of Rain”. She shares with us the many artistic Japanese words for rain. Focusing on one of the words, we are to write a concise paragraph of non-fiction prose followed by a haiku about rain…how it makes us feel, the inconvenience of rain or the beauty of rain.  Haibun Monday is open all week. Feel free to join in!





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  1. Oh! Flowers grow up and rain falls down…
    Such a lovely and melancholy write this is. I too have written those elegies for the living during such times. Torrential tears…how that makes my heart ache.

  2. You’ve caught the mood of long rain so well in this, mish. Weather works so well as a metaphor here.

  3. So deeply enamored of this:
    “These are moments for writing elegies of those still breathing.”

  4. It is somber mood, with thoughts of darkness to your melancholy heart. I can hear the rain beating in doldrums Mish ~ A lovely haibun to read ~

  5. Josslyn Rae Turner

    Wow! This is a beautiful write!

  6. Is it any wonder that flowers
    grow up and rain falls down?

    The process of nature takes its own course each with its peculiar traits. Humans intrude in between and mess up with nature’s laws.


  7. Love the way you created the dance between earth and heaven in the rain!

  8. I can feel the mood in the car, with the elegies and the doldrums of tears… wonderfully given, just like it feels travelling like that.

  9. Wonderful
    rain of a
    and Long
    form Rain
    iS what
    my words
    do too.. hehe..

    Long Form poem ‘eva..;)

  10. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Beautiful prose-poem and beautiful haiku too.


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