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Maiden of Doubt

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“Oh how meticulous you were
As you loved and molded me
I will assume you loved me
For who would bestow
Upon me the honour
Of such poise and grace
If they did not once taste
The salt on my lips?

Would thou grant me
This queenly perch
Where waterways meet
To extend and greet
Only to leave me
Before the ebb tide?

               Or dost thou love me?”


Written for Lillian’s prompt for Poetics, “Chisel me a conversation”.

We are giving sculptures a voice.  Join us at dVerse Poets Pub.

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  1. I love the thought of the sculpture longing for the sculpture.. like the reversal of Pygmalion.

  2. I am literally in awe of this poem.. 😀 such beautiful longing in your lines.

    Lots of love,

  3. love the yearning in the voice…

  4. Your words are the sculpture!

  5. A wonderful perspective for this sculpture! And I daresay, the taste of salt is still upon her lips — “only to leave me before the ebb tide” – brings the art of the sculptor and nature together — melding into one view and one emotion.
    It really makes one think doesn’t it — surely in some of these magnificent sculptures we’ve seen throughout the post, there developed a relationship between the artist and the subject, after hours of sitting — or was the sitting only for the sketching and then the artist moved to the stone — and in rendering the stone, begins to fall in love and wish for life in his/her creation?
    Love your take on this, Mish!

  6. I love the questions pondered here, especially. And that taste of salt on her lips…perhaps both ocean and tears…

  7. I specially admire how you caught the queenly pose, then the leaving as tide ebbs ~ Love the response Mish ~

  8. Perfect title for this lovelorn piece!

  9. Magnificent, Mish! It is truly a labor of love expressed in your heart.


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