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Beside my bed there is a magnificent mountain of slippers, each one a gift of love. She made them all, that mother in law of mine, from 1500 miles away. They usually make the commute in groups, a few couples arriving notoriously at Christmas, this time with surprises inside each one. Every night when I get home I choose a pair for my aching feet. There are those with extra reinforcement for the sole purpose of…well, yes for the sole purpose. Some days they wait obediently for me in true coordinated fashion, but there are those days when life is disheveled and one goes astray. Perhaps they play when I am away. I don’t mind when they don’t match, but when they do, all is right in my world.


stitching across stars

sunshine travels many moons

to scatter rainbows



Written for Haibun Monday #15 : All Things Quotidian (doors open all week). Toni asked us to write a short and sweet haibun about everyday things or occurrences.

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  1. What wonderful slippers! And what a wonderful mother-in-law. I like that the slippers sometimes have adventures. This bit of quotidian truly makes me smile.

  2. My feet are jealous 😉

  3. How lovely to be making that, smiles ~ A gift indeed, and so what if it doesn’t match ~

  4. Such a sweet gift for those tired aching feet. Lovely haiku.

  5. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Delightful story and I love your haiku.

  6. The haiku is wonderful…love how you combine sun and moon…but use an alternate meaning of moon. Great play on words. Also, I love the idea of those slippers having adventures when you are away 🙂

  7. I love the thought of all those slippers.. what a great gift, and the way they have a sole purpose 🙂 The haiku is perfect.

  8. How nice to have someone who cares for one’s tired feet! A wonderful MIL!


  9. I love your haiku. I can feel the love between you and your mother in law. I would love to see those slippers, they sound amazing.

  10. A delightful read–one of my favorites of the challenge. Thank you!


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