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Oh sacred sun

Paint my heart in pastels

Once more you find me

Beckoned by the beige of

Chiseled mesas

Dressed in shadows

Tantalized by turquoise trails

Where time tumbles

In weeds, windswept

Wonders dance like dust devils

And I trust

 That beauty still thrives

 In lonesome places


Today I am hosting Poetics at dVerse. The topic is “Sentiments of the Southwest” where I have offered up some of my favourite photos for inspiration.

The pub opens at 3 pm EST. See you there!

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  1. Love the way this one rattles off of the tongue when read aloud. Look forward to the photos in the pub tonight! My only first-hand knowledge of the southwest was a brief trip to San Diego years ago (flew in). Barely counts .

  2. Opening lines are wonderful Mish…sacred sun and that beauty that thrives in lonesome places ~ This reads like a prayer ~ Thank you for the wonderful photos ~

  3. I really love such lonesome places… there is a music in this that make me remember the southwest as it was in certain places….Sun as bright as it can be..

  4. Glenn Buttkus

    I think of Tex-Mex food, the Arches, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde pueblos, and the painted hills–you created a sensual, lovely glimpse of that place of wonder.

  5. This is such a beautiful tribute to this area of the country. I especially love these lines
    “Where time tumbles
    In weeds, windswept
    Wonders dance like dust devils”
    This could be a psalm.

  6. Beautiful description of the desert Southwest. I love “Where time tumbles / In weeds, windswept / Wonders dance like dust devils.” This all reminds me of my childhood in southern California and our trips to Death Valley and camping in the desert.

  7. Oh how your love comes forth in this. Your photo poems and your word poem – so many vivid and breathtaking images. Thank you for this beauteous prompt.

  8. Your photos and words, do more than justice, in expressing your love, towards your adoptive home. How I long, to see the majestic beauty of a southwest sunrise or sunset.

  9. So much love for THIS:
    “Where time tumbles

    In weeds, windswept”


  10. This is such a gorgeous write 😀 especially adore the closing lines.

  11. I was driving through Kansas when I first saw those tumbleweeds. I had only seen them in movies or tv and I was enthralled with those things! Love your take on the beauty found in the desert, Mish, and thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us.
    Gayle ~

  12. Wonders indeed do dance in dust devils! I feel your poem.
    Thank you for taking me back into the Southwest tonight!

  13. This is beautiful and I would love to walk on turquoise trails. Time tumbles lofty in the moment I imagine the vortexes humming a song in my ear.

  14. thanks for taking along on this beautiful journey

  15. Such wonderful use of alliteration to charm the reader of your poem. Such gorgeous scenes, Mish, that I can only experience through your colourful words and photography,.

  16. A mesmerizing, colorful write of a region you obviously love! My husband and I have also fallen in love with the desert scenes of the southwest…a favorite winter vacation destination 🙂

  17. Beautiful. There is nothing like the colors of the southwest.

  18. It is a palette that artists know well! I love this! Thank you for this prompt!

  19. Oh, yes. Anyone who has experienced the stark beauty of the desert understands its call.

  20. Wonderful alliteration, and you describe the landscape so beautifully!

  21. I love this piece…lonesome…a great word for the Southwest


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