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Wither to Wonder

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After a brief visit, we leave my hometown perched upon a hill, frozen in time. I try to chip away at memories of popsicle stained tongues, sun burnt shoulders, band aids and bare feet tickled by the greenest of grass. Life was a picnic. A party for so many different occasions. Flowers were power, carefully doodled on duo tangs and notepads during lengthy telephone calls.

It is quiet now, the screech of laughter muffled by blankets of time and loss. In my garden, I watch familiar spring breezes tousle the snow white petals of my daffodils. They stand stoically among furled fall leaves left to mulch. Content with the silence, I rake carefully around my forget me nots. An old flower pot slowly crumbles as if trying to blend in with earth’s decay. I run my hands through it.



Memories dormant

Trusting in perennials

Narcissus nostalgia


Written for dVerse ~Haibun Monday: Beauty in Decay

Bjorn has inspired us with the photography of Susan Judd.



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  1. What captures me is the closing piece about the crumbling pot…for me, it feels like the plant is a persona longing to become one with earth. IT’s a thought-provoking beautiful haibun!

  2. I remember duotang notebooks in school, and flower power. Man, that’s a trip down memory lane. Thanks for the ride

  3. So much in so few words. Favorite lines include “he screech of laughter muffled by blankets of time and loss” and “spring breezes tousle the snow white petals of my daffodils…” and I want to add more but I will have the entire haibun here! “Trusting in perennials..” The haiku is a perfect complement.

  4. I love the visual of the flower pot trying to once again become earth. Beautiful.

  5. Nice. I too remember sketching flower power onto my duotangs while spending hours on the phone. Without memories, youth would be that crumbling pot. Thank you for bringing them back.

  6. Wonderful sensory details brings life to this poem–there is no going back. This line, especially, struck me:
    It is quiet now, the screech of laughter muffled by blankets of time and loss.

  7. Just the other day I told my three year old granddaughter about how some popsicles could color your tongue. I like your mention of flower power and doodling and the days of picnics. Such a melancholy feeling in this and quite poignant with that crumbling clay pot. I really enjoyed this, Mish.

  8. This was beautiful, the images very striking and I loved the image of raking around the forget-me-nots, A metaphor in itself…

  9. Narcissus nostalgia! Love it!

  10. I so much love what you can do.. perennial garden is so much like the memories… I imagine you, the gardener carefully watching them every spring, a silent remembrance of what they could mean…

  11. When is your book coming out?

  12. Beautifully written. Loved the forget me nots.

  13. I enjoyed doodling flowers too but that crumbling flower pot is the best!

  14. i love your take on this prompt – and you compact so much meaning into your haiku, with exquisite words. beautiful.


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