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Fall of Duty

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Out on a limb

Poised and pretty

She is downright gritty

Minutes slip fast

Beyond her grasp

She is stalling on a

Tight rope act

And there’s the twist

She is falling like a

Polished death spiral

Gone viral

Scruples clenched

In both hands



We are serving up some quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub! What’s a quadrille? A poem with exactly 44 words and this week,  Grace has asked to include the word “twist”.

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  1. “Scruples clenched

    In both hands” is just a great visual, and metaphor. Love it!

  2. How you described the fall from the tight rope act so eloquently ~ I specially like:

    She is falling like a

    Polished death spiral

    Thanks for playing along Mish and wishing you a good week ~

  3. Wow…the title is amazing and then…..that death spiral…scruples clenched….major wow. Glad you have joined the team!

  4. Oh I love how the last lines really shows a possibility of metaphor instead of the literal skydiving.

  5. your title and the last two lines give the poem another dimension…..

  6. This poem has pace – it’s like we’re watching it happen in real time. I love the extended metaphor, especially the final lines: ‘She is falling like a/Polished death spiral/
    Gone viral/Scruples clenched/In both hands.

  7. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    ‘Scruples clenched / In both hands’ – a striking image.

  8. Fall of Duty — the tightrope described so tautly in 44 words — and the ending, grasping her scruples – so many levels here. Quite striking indeed.

  9. I love the wordplay in this, and the excitement.

  10. I love “scruples clenched…” It’s so descriptive of many of our life leaps.

  11. Amazing metaphoric write. On a literal level, my hands are sweating–I am height-phobic.

  12. Great image, great metaphor.

  13. Wow, this is great, Mish…love those last few short lines, “scruples clenched in both hands”…gave it all another twist entirely!

  14. Can’t improve on above comments. There’s pain in this.

  15. Gone viral, scruples clenched in both hands..this made me think of video’s on line that go viral…

  16. “Scruples clenched in both fists” is such an amazing close for this piece, and I see that I’m not the only one to like it!

  17. Wow! I felt like I was falling too. Excellent write!


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