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haibun 11


I take my tea (with milk) and nestle into the corner of my retro couch. This has always been the perfect view of the front yard, my little piece of nature. My mind wanders from the bleak, bare limbs of the ancient maple to my own melancholia. I think about words wasted, stirring in minds but never poured. Why?

The lyrics of an R.E.M. song somehow find their way into my head again, uninvited. “Oh no, I’ve said too much. I haven’t said enough”.  The anthem repeats until I welcome the squawk of two feisty blue jays. I listen to the chatter of simple souls, exposed.  The clouds spit by fits and starts against my window only to remind me of all things voiceless and vague. Droplets run and merge with each other, twisting and turning along the glass. Conversations of the past rehash and play to the unsteady beat of the rain. I open the door to breathe in sweet spring. I have no patience for puzzles.



Timeless mysteries

Secrets, too heavy to fly

Truth soars with the wind


Toni’s prompt for Haibun Monday is related to communication or the lack of it. There is still time to join in at dVerse!

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  1. I am listening to the chatter of simple souls and breathing in sweet spring ~

    I specially like: Truth soars with the wind

    Good to see you Mish ~

  2. Every word of this is poetry, Mish. When I return home in a couple of weeks those blue jays will be there, bickering–but also doves and orioles. The haiku is splendid.

  3. That was/is marvelous.
    I usually drink my tea black w/sugar unless I’m at my Son’s house who has married a wonderful lady from Wales UK and she adds milk to her tea and I follow suite… not bad.
    Again this piece was very good. (Oh, I’m a 4th. generation Canadian…St Marie Quebec living in NH USA :-)).

    • Bonjour…and that is most of my French. Thank you for your comments! Yes, it is always funny to me when Americans bring me lemon for my tea and I have to ask for milk or cream, a normal addition to tea in Canada. 🙂

  4. Oh I love how you blended in the mystery of REM lyrics… truly often we have to find the simplicity of what nature has.. so often everything seems ambiguous

  5. I so enjoyed every word of this. I totally relate..I have no patience for puzzles. And then you used a quote from my favorite REM song. Truth soars with the wind….yes! Thank you for responding to the prompt with such an amazing hajbun.


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