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Plain Sailing

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pic for octaine



Some days I’d like to sail away

On diamond studded oceans blue

A dazzle of my dreams come true


Horizons stretch beyond the bay

Stars for tracing, time erasing

Surrender burdens of yesterday


Life starts with taking breaths anew

Some days I’d like to sail away



Over at dVerse, Victoria C. Slotto has introduced the Octain Refrain, originally created by an English poet by the name of Luke Prater. The rhyme scheme is A-b-b,  a-c/c-a,  b-a

Eight syllables per line…I may have an extra one.


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  1. Some days are like that, aren’t they? Although I don’t know if I would want my ocean to be diamond studded. That sounds like some bumpy sailing. 😉

  2. A great visual piece, Mish! One of my favorite inspirations well done!

  3. Oh, wouldn’t we all ..especially on a beautiful day as in your pic.

  4. Oh, I would like to sail away too sometimes! Seems like bliss to me.

  5. Would I love to sail away and surrender burdens of yesterday ~ Well done with the form Mish ~

    Have a lovely weekend and Happy Easter ~

  6. Your poem has such a carefree and happy feel about it. It’s lovely to dream of sailing away…or at least getting away somehow!

  7. Absolutely perfect, Mish. If there’s an extra syllable I didn’t notice it. The line with the internal rhyme says it all. Thanks for making the effort!

  8. this made smile smile and sigh – such a beautiful dream

  9. So ready to go with you! Well done Octain.

  10. Wonderful response to this form. Such a dreamy, happy poem.

  11. “Stars for tracing” …sigh. Yes. Perfect.

  12. Me too! Lovely thought and well done on the form.

  13. Again I read another musical poem perfect to form that had me humming as I read it – Sailing. Wonderful.

  14. It makes you take a deep satisfying breath. Lovely.

  15. That’s really beautiful. My step dad was a sailor. It’s an elegant experience, just like your poem!

  16. And sail we shall.. 😀 beautifully penned!!

  17. This is beautiful. As a former sailor, this resonates deeply with me.

  18. Love how the final couplet changes this from a desire to travel to a desire to escape.

  19. SMiLes.. give
    me three sacred
    feet.. as well as feet..
    and the air i WiLL
    sAil.. as


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