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Pieces of my heart

Wait for me here

Where time has chiseled rock

Like a sculptor

Offering masterpieces to the heavens

But they’ve seen it

And I feel like an angel

Poised and perched upon a mesa

Waiting for my wings

Wondering how I ever knew

What the sun was

Until I felt it here

Warming every pore of my skin


My thoughts run deep

Into canyons where they dance

With shadow and light

Reflecting dreams transpired

Before they were ever dreams

I inhale the sweet scent

Of pinon pine and cedar

The stillness moves me

Silence embraces me

Reality chases me

But I will be back because

Pieces of my heart

Wait for me here


For dVerse poetics, “Adventures in Traveling”.

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  1. I’ve had a few trips to New Mexico and loved the different world that I found there including the ancient Native American pueblos and the art work created by the indigenous peoples…sacred.

  2. “before they were ever dreams” adds a very spiritual note to this… Lovely writing. And the photo with the splash of light is wonderful too.

  3. I have pieces of my heart among the mesas as well… it’s an area i would love to revisit… and to walk in those arroyos is something that, finding shade in heat.

  4. smackedpentax

    Looks amazing 🙂

  5. I love the nature’s calling to your heart and how your words resonated strongly with me ~ I would love to go up there and see those rocks and canyons ~ Beautiful Mish ~

  6. Exquisite. I felt New Mexico was part of me….everything…smells, desert, rocks, mountains, colors……all mine.

  7. Beautiful picture and lovely words show your ardor

  8. This is lovely. I can see why pieces of your heart reside there.

  9. “The stillness moves me

    Silence embraces me

    Reality chases me”

    These lines perfectly capture my feelings when I first visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona. . A piece of my heart still remains within its vastness as well. s the kids say – I feel you. Beautifully penned.

  10. Human hUmbles
    againsT canyoN
    beauty deep
    and jagged
    Flesh breathes..
    Hard Rock too..:)


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