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Seeds of the Milkweed

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I have to know

Mysteries make me mad

And wondering seems

A waste of time

When I was young I pried apart

Nature’s precious plants

To see, to feel, to know


I have to know

What’s inside and why?

What made you do

The things that you do?

Why do we follow as if

We are hollow?

What is the point

Of selfishness?


I have to know

Not why I am here

But why I don’t quite fit

Into this purposeless puzzle

We are now calling life

Children still cry

People still die

And so many watch

I have to know



A first person narrative poem is the prompt today at dVerse. Victoria has given us the freedom to write from our own point of view or that of another.

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  1. Really powerful poem. Love the progression from the pod to the other person to the self. Quite a compelling journey.

  2. Such powerful emotion in this poem!!

  3. This is painful because I’m not sure any of us can ever know why.

  4. I want to know why too but it seems the answers are not very forthcoming. The feeling in this is almost a “what’s the use” feeling and a sadness at the grief in the world and the wondering why that has to be. I used to pull apart flowers, seed pods and all sorts of things to find out what was inside when I was a kid. I think it must be a universal thing with children to explore their world like that to help figure it out.

  5. Important questions, beautifully pondered.

  6. From pod to person – excellent writing. I too always want to know “why”. It has taken me a lifetime to learn we don’t always get the answer.

  7. Oh you took me into a very powerful introspection journey here.

  8. I like the way you questioned in this poem. I think we should continue to question all the days of our lives.

  9. I’m with Mary, ask, probe, inquire, but most importantly continue to learn. I’m into the Zen notion that we spend several lifetimes “in lesson”. Besides it’s the misfits, pariahs, & loose cannons that make the best friends.

  10. To move from prying apart the milkweed pod to the greater mysteries of life….probing indeed.

  11. That quest to know “why” – I think we all have that desire. This is very well told.

  12. Your rhythm made me feel anxious. In the moment I shared your urgency that your words and flow created for this greater knowledge. Well enjoyed, thank you!

  13. PersonAlly i think
    ‘iT’ iS a mix of poverty
    beyond money.. now..
    moving.. connecting
    and creating.. but
    yes.. i take
    stuff apart
    and put it
    back together..
    namely me..
    now dances
    at least
    i figured
    iT aLL out
    literAlly and
    metaphoricAlly for me..
    it’s been a hell and
    heaven oF a


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