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Land of Sunshine

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In this room

The sun always shines

Tiny smiles, twinkling little stars

All aglow against the sounds

Of first words and laughter

My clouds dissipate when I enter

For this is heaven on earth

The land of the most innocent minds

With so much time on their hands


I am greeted

Scrawny arms wrap around my legs

Wide eyes look up to meet mine

Am I worthy

Of all that they have placed in my heart?

We gather to watch the cardinals

Pecking at seeds through the snow

Our window, a floor to ceiling portal

To the world

All anew, nothing askew

Because this is the land

Of sunshine


rocking chair



For Open Link Night at dVerse…a little late for Mary’s poetic prompt which asked us to reflect on rooms or a room.Β I chose a room where I spend a significant portion of my day.


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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous…….!!

  2. I love that land of sunshine, like heaven on earth ~ What a lovely room to stay Mish ~

  3. And there it is! The truly happy-room poem I was searching for among the dVerse poems in response to the room prompt. (I suppose I could have written a happy one myself, but the searching was worth it to find this.) As for that question in the middle — “Am I worthy?” — anyone who takes the time to be with and love children is worthy of all they have to give. πŸ™‚ Peace, Linda

  4. what a happy, serene feeling this has – thanks for sharing this room with us, Mish

  5. I’m so glad you shared your room poem with us–what a delightful corner of the world, lit with sunshine and love.

  6. Ah, I sense that the sun that shines comes from a sweet little one. They can make the sun shine no matter what kind of day it is outside! Treasure every moment.

  7. How beautiful. Bliss, really.

  8. I love this! I can feel the joy and contentment in every word.

  9. This is like that perfect place. A room to love, the sunshine and the stars… We need such happy places,

  10. How refreshing this poem is with its warmth and joy.

  11. Exquisite view of joyous times πŸ™‚

  12. The feeling of coming home to a warm family is so evident in your words!

  13. Sunshine, love & little ones. Beauty personified!

  14. So powerfully bright, those “Tiny smiles”. πŸ™‚

  15. Children thrive in bright, sunny rooms such as yours, Mish. I bet they love being in there. Thanks for sharing your sweet love for those kiddies and your photo.

  16. Those little arms that wrap around you …can make the darkest places brighter!

  17. I love the room of sunshine all the time you have there! Reminds me of that show ‘If these walls could talk’ … I just know the walls of your room would have wonderful memories to tell. Thanks for giving us a peek inside. πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks for the kind comment, ghostmmnc. πŸ™‚

  19. SunShine
    liVe iN touch..:)

  20. “Am I worthy

    Of all that they have placed in my heart?” I ask myself that very same question. A very tender poem.

  21. Full of feeling and sunshine!

  22. Very nice poem. You describe the faith and trust of a little child well. Good job.


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