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Forever Rooted

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quadrille pic


Before the flood

Red maple trees stood majestic

Sweeping skies with wispy limbs

Bent on tickling castaway clouds

While chickadees played in the boughs


Lulled by waters weeping, seeping

The forest surrendered to the marsh

Stumps decayed, withered and weary

Forsaken but fastened still


Written for dVerse where Bjorn has asked us to write a quadrille of exactly 44 words.  Fun stuff.


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  1. Love your verb choices, your alliteration. Awesome piece.

  2. Wow, I never would have guessed that this was written with a 44 word limit in mind. It really is good. Love the ‘s’ sounds! And chickadees in boughs. Very very nice.

  3. Love the beauty of nature – red maple trees, chickadees and forest surrendering to the marsh ~ Thanks for joining us Mish 🙂

  4. I sense some hope in this -well done!

  5. so beautiful and serene….

  6. I love the sense of presence in your poem, as well as the past of splendid wood… I envy the name chickadees… a perfect poetic name for those little tough birds

  7. This is profoundly beautiful, wistful–reminding me of something Mary Oliver would have written.

  8. It feels to me as though nature is adapting to the wateriness of her circumstances with grace. What a lovely poem.

  9. Water comes
    Water goes..
    fLows goes..
    ‘comes Water..:)


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