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Rain Gauge

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Image Credit: Gabriella


He wandered west from the financial district destined for relief from the squirrel cage they called success. Grey skies merged with the concrete below his feet. Tiny droplets remained stoic for an instant before rolling like tears from his navy blue pea coat. The clouds erupted. Looking up, his forehead caught a colossal drop that had dared to dangle from the coffee shop overhang. He ran his index finger along the glossy storefront just for the sound or perhaps to startle the young girl sitting on the other side of the distorted glass. He pondered the vanilla latte and moved on.

No eye contact was made with the unshaven man huddled under wet cardboard on the corner. His conscience took hold of him as one Gucci oxford failed to miss a puddle. Turning around he knew his small gesture would be more about him than the one who was destitute. He handed him a twenty. The sky lit up suddenly exposing the contrast between his smooth, manicured hands and the grimy palms of the homeless man. He glanced quickly at the man’s face. Somewhere in one short gaze, he found himself.


Yesterday’s downpours

Today a soft shoe tap dance

Weathering the storm


Inspired by one of Gabriella’s beautiful photos for Haibun Monday at dVerse.

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  1. Worlds of work homeless
    office buildings no
    humans left
    empty sHells
    of fingers spRead
    sheet theiR way further
    and further inTo rinGs
    oF Dante heLL.. oh
    the homeleSS
    man SpRinGs

    real comes trUe..:)

  2. Beautiful capture of the moment of kindness ~ Love the shoe tap dance in weathering the storm ~ Thanks for joining us Mish ~

  3. Great story, Mish! You brought the end in a very subtle way. Glad to see you at Haibun Monday.

  4. I love this.. especially about how giving the twenty was more about the narrator than anything else.. Finding yourself that way is probably the best he could have found… wonderful haibun with a message.

  5. It is very moving that in the homeless person he saw a bit of himself. I am sure this is an experience the Gucci-shoed man will never forget. Excellent haibun!! Glad you posted.

  6. That was his ‘there but for the grace of God’ moment. Eloquently told.

  7. A beautiful moment captured, kindness speaks for itself… 🙂


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