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The Fence

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White pickets pose

Tapered in alternate angles

Once stately, now weathered

Rain soaked

Naturally white washed

Time and sun chip away

Leaving peelable flakes

For someone’s obsession

Or therapy


A precarious division

Unstable, still standing

Warped, still grounded

Surrounded by the green

Of unruly blades, wind-bent

Identical meadow grasses

On either side


chip 2974


Today at dVerse Poets Pub, Victoria has asked us to write a poem using imagism. This highly descriptive style originated in the early 1900’s and focuses intensely on a single image. Metaphors are usually not included although an underlying meaning may be interpreted.


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  1. You did so well with this. That’s exactly how those dilapidated and sagging fences appear. I like that the grass on both sides are wind-bent too…excellent, really enjoyed!

  2. So perfect. I liked the peeling aspects of the poem. I almost wrote to a photo I took of a white picket fence, too–but it didn’t have the character this one has.

  3. A gorgeous slice of poem, Misky. There’s a “peeling” nature to the second stanza, which is just wonderful.

  4. This is a really great image of a that fence, really love how it calls for a possible therapy – isn’t a that his it often is?

  5. I happen to love fences and gates….so much meaning in a dilapidated state, once new, needing repair and TLC.

  6. You fenced your way through quite beautifully 😉

  7. “Time and sun chip away

    Leaving peelable flakes

    For someone’s obsession

    Or therapy”

    You had me here! Love this idea and this description. Could have ended here for me. The rest was “icing on the cake!”
    Enjoyed this very much.

  8. I do like this! So true – so often all is the same on both sides of the fence! And one wonders why the division in the first place.

  9. love how you weave the words….

  10. I like the juxtaposition of fence and grass.

  11. Outstanding Mish! Love the peelable part.

  12. Great word picture (and photo as well). I like
    “A precarious division
    Unstable, still standing”,.

    Those words could apply to so many situations, from personal to international!

  13. pAint on paint off..
    was off wAx on..
    art iS iN
    bRushing ‘fences..
    fenCinG sWords..:)

  14. White pickets pose Tapered in alternate angles Once stately, now weathered The imagery of the once stately, now weathered is so beautiful. To me it’s like an old statesman, who has weathered the storms of life. People come by and are fascinated to pick his brain (paint chips), for wisdom.


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