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December 2012 141


Words echo through

Ear piercing silence as

Secrets hide under

Blankets of truth

Moments ignite, rise

Only to fall like wasted air

Dancing on deaf ears

Jabbing at hearts

For various reasons

Known and unknown

But we fill our stomachs

And cordially consume

All that is placed in front of us

Still craving for all that is not

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  1. Funny however much we have, we can sill crave for those things we don’t yet own, have, possess. Perhaps there’s something for me to learn expressed in your cool poem today.

  2. The craving for more is the bane of our existence.

    • I agree when it comes to material gains. When we seek to gain more meaningful things such as healthy relationships, joy, communication, love, peace, etc.the benefits go beyond our own needs. That can be wonderful. 🙂
      Happy New Year, Gretchen!

  3. love the line “secrets hide under blankets of truth!


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