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Halloween Freaks

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The hooligans gather
In small hours of night
Scanning and planning
To feast on our fright

Slithering, withering
Varmints and trolls
Creatures of habit
Hiding in holes

Ghastly ogres
Of lineage and dole
Peering and peeping
With eyes of gall

Insides on outsides
Slinking and stinking
Halloween freaks
What are you thinking?


We are writing about anything Halloween for dVerse. Toni is our host tonight. She is a talented poet and you can find her at kanzensakura . We share a fear for the Wizard of Oz!  So….uh…yeah…I am not a fan of the quivery, shivery stuff, but I have to admit that this was fun to write.

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  1. Ah.. the misChief of humans do arise
    on Halloween night..
    where goblins
    are humans
    and puppy
    dog tails
    do wiggle out..
    of order where
    tricks are in order
    and prey is once again human
    and humor set free in how
    far can one go..
    in a social
    of tricks..
    So Trick or Treat.. or Treat.. or Trick..:)

  2. Great write .. you make the fright seem fun.. just like a skipping child in a zombie-suit.

  3. I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme of this. This kind of Halloween ‘freak’ makes me smile…more like fun than fear, which I like.

  4. Such a powerful & spooky write 🙂 Great job!

  5. Quite scary ~ Love this part best:

    Insides on outsides
    Slinking and stinking
    Halloween freaks

  6. What a great job with this form, the rhyme and meter are perfect and lend to the whole atmosphere. Just a fun poem.

  7. What freaks! The meter and the rhyme are great – this was a real treat!

  8. What a great Halloween poem!


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