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Writing 201 – Day 4

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September 2015 015


No ideal life can be attained

The sun will shine above the rain

Let’s not be critical

Flaws are mystical

Perfection can be mundane



Imperfection is our prompt for this assignment that involved writing a limerick.It also gave me the opportunity to use this photo I took at a beautiful park in Ontario.

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  1. Beautiful poem and image of lavatera

  2. The photo is splendid–and the truth in the poem seems to take a lifetime to learn.

  3. I thought for a moment that your limerick was a fancy tanka; it works well, even without the levity used in most limericks. I like the line /flaws are mystical/; damn rights.

  4. Thanks, Glenn….and you are right, it is definitely missing the typical humour of a limerick.
    If you get a chance, I would love to get your opinion for the poem that I linked up for OLN.

  5. 🙂 Perfection is overrated!


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