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Writing 201- Day 2

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Hands out, eyes closed

Ugliness tied with a bow

Saccharin sweet and simulated

Here lie the ashes of integrity

Mincing words and morals

Over coffee and character

Never did you think

Ethics would be worth

Your weight in gold


Written for Writing 201 at The Daily Post. The word prompt was “gift” although this is a darker interpretation. I also accepted the challenge of writing it as an “acrostic” poem.

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  1. I really like this poem. Keep up the good work!

  2. “ugliness tied with a bow”–just one of your many powerful images. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I specially admire: Ugliness tied with a bow ~

    A lovely acrostic poem ~

  4. Excellent acrostic – hush money….ethics worth its weight in gold. Great work.

  5. Excellent acrostic! So very true of the political sphere today!

  6. Hush money…so true, it is “ugliness tied with a bow.” A great acrostic…thanks, Mish!

  7. Alas, corruption make this ugly practice show its face.. Great choice of word to do acrostic poem.. I guess it’s “gift” rather than gift. πŸ™‚

  8. Hush money worked so well here! Superb. I have been seeing this quote trending – Between ethics and job, choose ethics. You can always get another job.

  9. Snap! Also did an acrostic, for the first time ever. Like your write.

  10. Very clever acrostic – to the point yet not preachy, felt very natural.

  11. Excellent use of the acrostic form πŸ˜€ impressed!

  12. A Roller coaster of
    money up and
    down around
    the world..
    are those
    who never
    catch the
    train of
    up and
    down.. Sad for
    those who climb
    up and fall..
    bed pans..
    are the gold
    that will be shined
    by love one day..
    and for those who
    give Love
    those hands
    will be appreciated..
    for those who do not..
    the end will
    be the
    means.. there is
    no fooling Love in
    the empty heart of Gold
    no matter how Gold the
    of stranding
    a cross
    a hair of Gold..:)

  13. Acrostics often seem stilted, but your use of enjambment gives this a great flow…and your text perfectly expresses your theme of hush money.

  14. Wonderfully done…i haven’t done an acrostic in awhile.. maybe it is time πŸ™‚


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